The expert valuator that explains how Cluj became the most expensive city in the country: “The city has the potential to get to 1 million inhabitants in the near future”

Adrian Crivii, the expert valuator from Cluj, the vice-president, member in the executive committee and founder of the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO), explains for “Adevarul” how Cluj became an extremely expensive city from the real estate standpoint.
“The person that leads a city takes into consideration the opportunities offered and the risks that could stop the development. If you make the best decisions by taking into account the opportunities and the risks, you can give the city you lead a much better perspective”, believes Adrian Crivii, an expert valuator from Cluj.

In his opinion Cluj has “an extraordinary potential and with such a potential it needs leaders with a vision”. It also has “amazingly powerful universities and an exceptional soft industry”. Crivii considers that “it is not normal for Cluj to have such expensive properties” since not everyone can afford to buy a house or a decent rent. And “this is not alright” because it transforms Cluj into an inaccessible city.

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