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Suntem soluția eficientă în oferirea de servicii complexe de evaluare și consultanță pentru clienții corporativi. Echipa noastră de specialiști asistă clienții în soluționarea diverselor spețe cu impact fiscal.

Darian launches Q2-2018 Residential and Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

For the ninth consecutive year, Darian DRS SA, the most important Romanian independent company in the field of consulting and evaluation services, launches "Real Estate Market Analysis - Q2 2018". The study focuses its attention on Residential and Land and Industrial, Commercial, Offices sectors. The Darian study covers all 41 county residence cities and [...]

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The Opera Ball, an important event in Cluj-Napoca’s cultural calendar

In a context with a special symbolic meaning for the Cluj community, the Centenary of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, the Transylvania Leaders Foundation has the honour to support the Opera Ball, an important event on the cultural calendar of our city. Adrian Crivii, CEO of DARIAN DRS and President of [...]

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Handing over MAA diplomas

Three more of our colleagues received during an awarding ceremony the MAA titles - an accredited member of ANEVAR (National Association of Authorized Valuators in Romania) Cristina Popa, Vlad Doroftei and Bogdan Toma are the ones who have passed the accreditation exam and that have made us proud that we are a high-performance team [...]

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Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 150 years of existence

I participated in a workshop on the topic of “Future of the RICS profession”, on the occasion of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, on November 21 at the UK Embassy in Vienna. The lecture was held by Prof. Barry Gilbertson, the 123rd RICS Global President, a leading [...]

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The next crisis – context, missed opportunities, unlearned lessons

Unfortunately, the countdown for the “ball” that follows after the “carnival” already started and will debut in a short time. Even though it is not nice to be the prophet of the crisis, I think that we shouldn’t get stuck, we need to be clear-headed and to look it in the eyes as a reality [...]

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The expert valuator that explains how Cluj became the most expensive city in the country: “The city has the potential to get to 1 million inhabitants in the near future”

Adrian Crivii, the expert valuator from Cluj, the vice-president, member in the executive committee and founder of the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO), explains for “Adevarul” how Cluj became an extremely expensive city from the real estate standpoint. “The person that leads a city takes into consideration the opportunities offered and the risks that [...]

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