Prima Casa/First House. And the last one too? “The state keeps prices up. Stop Prima Casa, it’s an anachronistic program! “

Prima Casa, a contested program. The "Prima Casa" program is increasingly challenged, and this still happens 10 years after its launch. The initiative of the Romanian state to support young families in buying a home started as a good one, at a time that could not be more appropriate, in full economic and real estate [...]

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The next crisis – context, missed opportunities, unlearned lessons

Unfortunately, the countdown for the “ball” that follows after the “carnival” already started and will debut in a short time. Even though it is not nice to be the prophet of the crisis, I think that we shouldn’t get stuck, we need to be clear-headed and to look it in the eyes as a reality [...]

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Launch of a personal blog ADRIAN Crivii

The partners, collaborators/clients and readers of the website:, can follow from this weekend the personal blog of the founder DARIAN DRS, Mr. Adrian Crivii. On the pages of the blog will be found various themes and specialist articles in the field of consultancy and evaluation, materials related to economy and similar fields, but also [...]

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Clujul ”is suffering” from real-estate overheating.

Properties purchased « cash » from capital resulting even from the underground economy, a spectacular evolution of the real estate market due in this case to the infusion of specialists in the IT field, a forecast of spectacular growth of the Cluj – Napoca population in the following decade, but also a temporary lack of clear [...]

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Foreign banks are reducing their exposure in Romania

Despite the last year significant economic growth in Romania, during 2016 the bank deleveraging continued, and the foreign debt of the bank, which includes financing from parent companies, had diminished. We are talking about a decrease of funds from parent companies of no less than EUR 3,4 billion to EUR 11,2 billion, compared to the [...]

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The restructuring and conversion of loans

The positive evolution of the Romanian economy led to a decrease in non-performing loans (NPL) below 15%, as opposed to 21%, as it was at the height of the crisis. However, there are still some areas, such as construction and real estate, with rates which, while down below 30%, from 40% in December 2015, still [...]

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