Prima Casa/First House. And the last one too? “The state keeps prices up. Stop Prima Casa, it’s an anachronistic program! “

Prima Casa, a contested program. The "Prima Casa" program is increasingly challenged, and this still happens 10 years after its launch. The initiative of the Romanian state to support young families in buying a home started as a good one, at a time that could not be more appropriate, in full economic and real estate [...]

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Vertical – the movie on Cerro Torre’s ascent, the Students’ Culture House, March 30th

We invite you to the premiere of the film "Vertical", which will take place on Friday, March 30, at 7.00 pm, at the Students’ Culture House in Cluj (1 P-ta Lucian Blaga). The film presents the first Romanian ascent on Cerro Torre (Patagonia), one of the most difficult and technical peaks on the [...]

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The report for each country

We inform you that on the National Agency for Fiscal Administration website, the two forms provided by the Order of the President of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration no. 3049/2017 for the approval of the model and content of the form “Report for each country” were published, respectively: THE REPORT FOR EACH COUNTRY, available [...]

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New legal developments applicable at the beginning of the year 2018

We inform you that at the end of the year 2017 a series of the normative acts that brought significant amendments to the Romanian tax legislation, were published in the Official Gazette. Next, we shall present you the most important amendments brought to the Tax Code, applicable from the beginning of the year 2018: In [...]

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What should you know about the tax treatment of protocol expenditures?

According to the Tax Code there is a series a deductible expenditure regarding corporate tax. Protocol expenditures represent tax deductible expenditures, but these do not have a limited deductibility to the calculation of taxable profit. Moreover, regarding the VAT treatment regarding these expenditures, there are, also, certain rules that have to be followed. Legal provisions [...]

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Imminence of a new agreement with IMF

After just a few years since Romania gave up the agreement with the IMF (“International Monetary Fund”), which drew austerity policies that have strongly influenced government decisions, our country is not far from signing a new agreement. My opinion is based on the fact that during the last year Romania had a spectacular economic growth, [...]

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Foreign banks are reducing their exposure in Romania

Despite the last year significant economic growth in Romania, during 2016 the bank deleveraging continued, and the foreign debt of the bank, which includes financing from parent companies, had diminished. We are talking about a decrease of funds from parent companies of no less than EUR 3,4 billion to EUR 11,2 billion, compared to the [...]

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Our language is… business!

Between 8 -11 March in Bucharest takes places IRTF 2017, a unique, large-scale event, dedicted to business women in Romania and Israel. Entrepreneurs, partners in significant companies, experts in various fields and management positions present at IRTD 2017 will share their experiences, motivations and joy to contribute to strengthening and development of new partnerships and [...]

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“DARIAN-in-30-seconds” is the last upgrade of image of the company present on the newest interface of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall website: Through this step, DARIAN DRS intends to strengthen its visibility on the segment of foreign investors that arrive in Cluj-Napoca, the portal being a binder between the businesses in Cluj and potential investors [...]

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