The opportunity of accessing European funds for upgrading the irrigation systems

By accessing European funds for the modernization of existing irrigation systems, farmers can increase their profit margin per hectare by increasing productivity or by reducing water and electricity consumption. The financing programs are 100% reimbursable up to the amount of 1 million euro, and the role of a consultant who knows the [...]

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The opportunity of reorganisation at the group level

In order to cope with the evermore changing macroeconomic context, the management of large companies are adapting their organization at a national level through Mergers and Acquisitions. These actions beside the effort of the management team requires the support of professionals with in-depth knowledge of all fiscal and legal requirements in order to [...]

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Transfer prices and related risks

The transfer pricing domain remains a controversial one, but before maintaining the intra-group prices for acquisitions within the market interval, the companies must ensure the deductibility of the expenses. More specifically, must have complete contracts and supporting documents, since the existence of a transfer pricing file and of prices within the market interval [...]

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The added value of an expert in court

The added value of an expert who will assist you in court will arise not only in guiding the court expert to the right conclusion, but for the moment the judge will consider your expert objections or his/her well sustained separate opinion. The expert professionalism and experience will conclude in focused, to the [...]

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Possibility of initiating the enforcement procedure against the insolvency debtor

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 88/2018 amended art. 143 of Law no. 85/2014, granting the possibility of initiating the enforcement procedure for debts accumulated during the insolvency procedure that are older than 60 days. The changes favor current creditors, who have been given the path to a separate procedure, thus avoiding the cumbersome process [...]

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Instruments of tax prevention and protection

The points of view issued by the Ministry of Finance or by the National Agency of Tax Administration do not represent fiscal administrative documents and therefore, no insurance is granted therein regarding the tax regime and implications of the transactions and operations. However, there are two administrative acts that are legally binding for [...]

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The importance of intangible assets in business transfers

In business transfers, an important step is to identify the intangible assets included in the transaction (goodwill, customer relations, advantageous contracts, product brands, licenses, etc.); this step can reduce the implementation/approval timing of the process by the auditors/fiscal entities, as well as avoid the payment of additional taxes.

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The opportunity of fixed assets revaluation

Companies with large assets, which perform periodic revaluations, find it difficult to provide enough technical and accounting details to revaluate them, and often significant revaluation differences occurs, that have a direct impact on the company's financial indicators. Early contracting of experienced consultants is essential in the case of complex projects.   [...]

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Control vs. Liquidity in M&A transactions

When dealing with the sale of their own business, entrepreneurs come to face two of the most controversial topics in estimating the value of a business and understand that between the two, there is a one-way relationship—control affects marketability, but marketability does not affect control. The minority stakeholder may benefit from as much [...]

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