The opportunity of reorganisation at the group level

In order to cope with the evermore changing macroeconomic context, the management of large companies are adapting their organization at a national level through Mergers and Acquisitions. These actions beside the effort of the management team requires the support of professionals with in-depth knowledge of all fiscal and legal requirements in order to [...]

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The added value of an expert in court

The added value of an expert who will assist you in court will arise not only in guiding the court expert to the right conclusion, but for the moment the judge will consider your expert objections or his/her well sustained separate opinion. The expert professionalism and experience will conclude in focused, to the [...]

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The opportunity of fixed assets revaluation

Companies with large assets, which perform periodic revaluations, find it difficult to provide enough technical and accounting details to revaluate them, and often significant revaluation differences occurs, that have a direct impact on the company's financial indicators. Early contracting of experienced consultants is essential in the case of complex projects.   [...]

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Control vs. Liquidity in M&A transactions

When dealing with the sale of their own business, entrepreneurs come to face two of the most controversial topics in estimating the value of a business and understand that between the two, there is a one-way relationship—control affects marketability, but marketability does not affect control. The minority stakeholder may benefit from as much [...]

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Factors to be weighted in M&A’s transactions

Strategic corporate buyers are paying a few percent points more for their aquisitions (publicly traded companies) compared to going-private transactions, while financial buyers (portfolio administrators) are likely to pay less. Nevertheless, the transaction price remains subject to the ability of the M&A consultant searching for adequate potential buyers.

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