• Valuation consultancy

    Professional consultancy services, business valuation, shares valuation, enterprise and business line valuation, real estate valuation, machinery and equipment, and intangible assets valuation.

  • Tax consultancy and audit

    General tax consultancy, transfer pricing, VAT reimbursement , assistance during tax inspection, company reorganizations, M&A, tax review, tax litigation, tax compliance services, customized training, statutory audit, contract audit, audit-related services.

  • Management and transaction consultancy

    EU funds projects, funding, business plans and feasibility studies.

  • Construction consultancy

    Project management, project monitoring, site supervision.

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Value and mobility

9 June 2017|0 Comments

Technological progress, the emergence and development of the IT industry, with all that this implies, allow young people of the new generation to be more and more mobile, with [...]


First Home Program does not help the real-estate market anymore

13 April 2017|0 Comments

First Home Program is an example of good initiative, implemented at the right time, which yet continuesby inertia and thus amplifies rather than solve the real estate market problems. Started [...]

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