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Adrian Crivii is the founder of Darian DRS SA and the coordinating partner of the management teams across all the divisions of Darian Group. He has also been a member of ANEVAR since 1993 and an honorary member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Adrian Crivii is a REV valuer (Recognised European Valuer) and graduated the Machinery and Equipment Valuation Course (ME 201-206) of the American Society of Appraisers.

Protectionism should not be neglected

I return to an article written nearly a year ago about the danger of global protectionist policies, the spurts of which may be the trigger of global economic turmoil. The protectionist policy of the Trump administration, which is recently manifested by the intention to increase the import taxes on steel and aluminium, only provokes an [...]

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The alpinists, a lesson about life and values.

I have recently met some special people, whom are little known and talked about. They are mountain people: mountain climbers, mountain rescuers, guides, in a mountain people. They have an athletic conformation, but impressive are their arms, and especially their powerful palms, exhausted by effort, torn by stone, ice and cold. On their hard face, [...]

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Analysis of the estimated value of real estate tax

We are at the end of a three-year cycle since applying the new Tax Code approach for the taxation value of real estate, and I would like to make some critical assessments on this subject, building on Darian's experience. The taxation value has been further made by separating, I say, unhappily, the two essential components [...]

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Considerations on proposals to amend the Tax Code (TC) regarding the taxation of real estate (buildings, special constructions, etc.)

In view of the current discussions on the amendments to the new Tax Code, Darian's position is as follows: The intention to modify the TC in the sense of taxing the Market Value of real estate, within the meaning of constructions situated on land is inapplicable from the following essential reason: The real estate in [...]

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Cluj, a city of one million inhabitants

We, the people from Cluj but especially those who are running the destinies of this city, should think strategically, into perspective because the day when our city will reach a population of 1 million inhabitants is not far. According to the most recent information, currently, everyday, Cluj accommodates 600.000 pople and this says a lot [...]

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Protectionism, the loose cannon that can throw humanity into crisis

If ten years ago the greed of bankers generated an unprecedented economic-financial crisis, I think that in the near future the politicians who have mbraced the nationalist-populist doctrine could be the detonator of a new global crisis. Its trigger could be the commercial isolationism and protectionism, having as starting point a misunderstood nationalism, more and [...]

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When financial assets are no longer a resource

When financial assets are no longer a resource During the last 10 years, especially after the economic-financial crisis there were substantial changes in the monetary politics of the big central banks in the world. After 2008, the Treasury of the United States of America intensified the monetary relaxation process and cash infusion, the [...]

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First Home Program does not help the real-estate market anymore

First Home Program is an example of good initiative, implemented at the right time, which yet continuesby inertia and thus amplifies rather than solve the real estate market problems. Started in 2009, during the economic and real estate crisis, First Home Program was meant to temper the market decline and to stimulate the purchase of [...]

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Imminence of a new agreement with IMF

After just a few years since Romania gave up the agreement with the IMF (“International Monetary Fund”), which drew austerity policies that have strongly influenced government decisions, our country is not far from signing a new agreement. My opinion is based on the fact that during the last year Romania had a spectacular economic growth, [...]

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