The Opera Ball, an important event in Cluj-Napoca’s cultural calendar

In a context with a special symbolic meaning for the Cluj community, the Centenary of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, the Transylvania Leaders Foundation has the honour to support the Opera Ball, an important event on the cultural calendar of our city.

Adrian Crivii, CEO of DARIAN DRS and President of the Business People Club in 2019, part of the Transilvania Leaders Foundation, together with other prestigious companies – NTT Data, RMB Interauto, Transavia, OTC Group, Electrogrup, Banca Transilvania, Energobit, AROBS, Remar – supports this project of the city and of the academic environment of Cluj, in recognition of the values ​​that have consecrated the city and Romania alike.

Suntem soluția eficientă în oferirea de servicii complexe de evaluare și consultanță pentru clienții corporativi. Echipa noastră de specialiști asistă clienții în soluționarea diverselor spețe cu impact fiscal.

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