DARIAN GRUP is one of the leading player in consultancy in Romania, we provide also construction consultancy services.

Currently, we cover all areas related to business and valuation, tax consultancy and construction consultancy. The synergy and complementarity of the services provided in these areas give us the opportunity to present personalized proposals for complex projects. We are expanding the construction consultancy area due to beautiful and challenging projects that we are managing. For this we need bold and top professionals colleagues.

Role/Job description:

  • Responsible for managing and overseeing the execution of a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.
  • Demonstrates solid knowledge of all areas of construction: design and especially execution;
  • Monitoring and directing the activities of contractors and subcontractors from the beginning of a construction project until its completion.
  • Ensuring that contractors complete their works efficiently and effectively in strict compliance with time and budget expectations, by utilizing his/her professional level of organization and attention to detail;
  • Responsible for handling budgets, hiring, contracts, schedules, safety compliance, and interfacing collaboratively with other professionals who are connected to the project.
  • Managing timelines, which involves setting contractor schedules and delivery dates for specific elements of ongoing construction projects by determining the order/sequence in which contractors work on a series of project, ensuring that necessary and relevant materials are available, and ensuring all forms of delay by contractors due to conflicting project elements are prevented.
  • Checking of the contractors invoices and interim payment certificates;
  • Assuring the quality control of the executed works and receptions;
  • Support in contractors selection;
  • Drafting the daily site log and Works Status reports;
  • Gathers the quality documents and „As build” project documentation for the hand-over process;
  • Organising the commissioning at the end of the project;

Required Skills:

  • Construction engineer degree;
  • Leadership and management skills;
  • Knowledge of building technologies, equipment and materials;
  • Knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software;
  • Persistence and determination;
  • Able to use your initiative;
  • Be thorough and pay attention to detail;
  • Excellent verbal communication skills;

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