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Adrian IliePartner
Adrian is the coordinator of the litigation department, his involvement since his first days of practice, being that of a pure litigator.

Adrian coordinated a significant number of disputes, proving to be a great strategist, both in the pre-trial, as well as in front of the courts of law, assisting clients especially in commercial litigation, banking, labour law, administrative and fiscal litigation, as well as during insolvency proceedings.

Adrian represents both customers with a well-established position in the industries where they operate as well as new comers who are at the beginning of the road and meet the sometimes unforeseen, rigors of the Romanian legal environment, having extensive experience in industries such as transport, healthcare, sanitation, auto and real estate. Also, the direct involvement as a coordinating attorney in a complex long-term project on managing the intrinsic legal aspects of debt recovery undertaken by a leading financial industry, recommends him as a savy observer of the private sector mechanisms.

Adrian is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2010.