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Darian DRS Audit performs statutory audit when legislation requires commercial companies to submit their financial statements to a financial audit (when public interest entities are designated by law or when they exceed the statutory audit thresholds or are subject to merger, division, etc.) or when it voluntarily performs the financial audit and publishes the audited financial statements together with the audit report.

Darian DRS Audit audits or examines financial statements prepared in accordance with various standards (IFRS) as well as consolidated financial statements or financial reports prepared under the policies and procedures specific to particular groups.

Darian DRS Audit offers other insurance services that include a wide range of other insurance services as well as other related services such as:

  • Internal Audit;
  • Agreed procedures;
  • Compilation of financial statements;
  • Financial statement reprocessing services, etc.

Contact persons

Otilia Pețu
Otilia PețuManaging Partner
Otilia is a Managing Partner of the Tax Consultancy and Audit companies of the Group, namely Darian DRS Tax and Darian DRS Audit.
Oana-Maria Rada
Oana-Maria RadaPartner
Oana Rada is a Partner with Darian DRS Tax and has extensive experience gathered with Darian DRS Tax and other well known tax consultancy companies.
Horia Ovidiu Abrudan
Horia Ovidiu AbrudanPartner
Horia coordinates and develops the business development department of the Group. He also manages the national client portfolio and the integrated service offerings.
Mircea V. Ignat
Mircea V. IgnatRegional Manager Transilvania, Business Development
Mircea manages the client portfolio from Transylvania, being also in charge of business development and coordinating related marketing activities.