Every great business is built on trust.

Everybody deserves a roof over his head, and we help our clients to deliver, by supporting them in developing, acquiring or leasing both office buildings and residential projects. Our services in most of the cases are focused on verifying that the ownership titles are correct, valid and sometimes even insured, the developed projects respect the land utilization, zoning and administrative regulations, and the acquisition and disposals of real estate assets are completed only after each issue was fully discussed and negotiated;

We advise on the structuring and restructuring of the company’s life, by assisting clients with transfers of shares, transfers of activities, mergers, spin-offs, joint ventures, including company formation, corporate governance, regulation of minority rights, deadlock resolution and exit;

The new technologies are the forefront of the business development and in most of the cases, the regulatory environment is way behind the technological development. Therefore, we work close with our clients in order to design the best approach both from a legal and technical perspective so that their innovation to be both integrated in the market as well as well protected from the regulatory gaps or in some cases overregulation;

We are always close to our clients both in good times when bonuses are granted as well as when the business is constricting and employees need to be let go and the company needs to be supported during the process as well as the litigations that might come;

When the power of the written word is not enough and agreements are being breached as well as when the state bodies overstep their authority, we are near our clients in balancing the scales, in a wide range of matters, covering tax litigation, commercial disputes, administrative litigations, public procurement related disputes, enforcement proceedings and insolvency;

This practice area together with our labour law practice is the closest to every company’s life, by supporting our clients in the negotiation of their contracts, in structuring various business decisions and dealing with the hurdles of the corporate life;

We support our clients in navigating the overregulated economic environment by assisting them with the establishment, permitting and development of businesses in highly regulated industries such as banking and finance, IT&C, energy, oil and gas, transport and agriculture;